Verslag HCC 1 T20 tegen Quivive

Afgetekende overwinning HCC 1 op Eerste Klasse team

After a long year's wait, the Topklasse t20 competition was finally back. Thanks to HCC’s second 11 playing Hoofdklasse, Amsterdam Eerste Klasse side Quivive took their spot in the competition. For HCC’s first side this meant that they played them first game.

Due to the fact that Quivive played 2 divisions lower than HCC, Captain Boris Gorlee was looking to bat first to set a high total to firm HCC as a top side and main competitor for the title. However, in cricket fashion, the toss was lost and HCC were sent into the field to bowl for the first innings. That being said it was clear HCC were trying to make a statement after Hidde Overdijk (4 for 26 in 4) claimed the first 4 wickets, 3 of which were a hattrick including a good catch from Zack Worden which left him scrambled like an omelette attempting to touch the back of his head with his feet, before Quivive had 34 on the board. After some poor fielding Quivive managed to make a small comeback before Felix Bennet (1 for 33 in 4) made a break through bowling S Bachhav for 18 breaking the 51-run partnership. The next wicket was claimed by Justin Trijzelaar (1 for 26 in 4) nearing the end of the innings which ultimately lead Quivive with a score of 130. Honourably mentioning some good bowling efforts as well from Clayton Floyd(0 for 13 in 4) and Oli Klaus(0 for 16 in 3).

After a total left by the batting side in the first innings (130) which left them feeling confident to defend it seemed like there was a real game to be played. However, HCC was still fixed on cementing themselves as a top contender, which they did blasting through the 130 score set in the first innings in merely 13.3 over for 1 wicket down. The wicket which fell at the 54-run mark was that of Zack Worden who just miss-timed the bowl getting caught at long-off. This didn't however slow down the run rate and after many “sexy shots” from Boris Gorlee (ending on 41 no) and Tony Staal(scoring his first 50 of the tournament ending on 59 no) the game was done making the division level between the sides clear. This left HCC feeling confident and giving them momentum into the second game against Hague team Quick.

Big thanks to Baldwin Poolman for the sponsoring of the matchball.

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