Welcome to De Diepput

Our past
The Royal Hague Cricket and Football Club (KHC&VV is the Dutch acronym) has two sections: cricket and football. Both activities take place at De Diepput, the grounds on the Van Hogenhoucklaan in the Benoordenhout (“North Wood”) area of The Hague. The Club has been in existence since 1878 when the cricket club was founded. It has an illustrious past. In view of its contributions to the Dutch world of sports the designation “Royal” was bestowed on the Club in 1978 by Her Majesty Queen Juliana. Currently the KHC&VV has over 1600 members.

More than sports
The social role of our association in and around the Benoordenhout area creates responsibilities which we gladly fulfill. Throughout the year various activities take place which involve all members of the Club, such as holiday camps, car rallies and card playing competitions. A weekly bulletin provides information on the activities at the Club. Every quarter, a magazine is published with more extensive reports and background stories. An active business club with a membership of around hundred companies from the area provides the Club with additional financial support.

Would you like to become a member?
To become a member of our Club you have to fill in an application form, duly countersigned by two current members. Click here for the online application form. After the application has been received at the Club, an invitation will follow automatically for an interview with the admissions committee. Active participation in sports is possible from the age of 5 (football) or 6 years (cricket). It is possible to join just one or both sports sections and the Club offers a combination for the memberships at a reduced fee. For information about entry fees (Dutch: 'Contributieschema') click here.

More information?
The Royal Hague Cricket and Football Club is proud of its history but is primarily focused on the future. Our objective is for our members to practice an active hobby in a relaxed atmosphere, with professional coaching and perfect materials and equipment, and within a social, committed and healthy association. The most important contact information and e-mail addresses are provided below.

The Royal Hague Cricket and Football Club (KHC&VV)
Address: Van Hogenhoucklaan 37, 2596 TA The Hague/Den Haag
Committee Room 070-3241655

Membership Administration: The membership administration can (only) be contacted via email ledenadministratie@konhcvv.nl.

Website of the Club: www.konhcvv.nl
E-mail general: info@konhcvv.nl
E-mail HCC : cricket@konhcvv.nl
E-mail HVV : voetbal@konhcvv.nl


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