Membership of the Koninklijke Haagsche Cricket en Voetbal Vereeniging

Information about applying for, revising or terminating the membership. Including link to the online application form. (English)

You are advised to read the following information on how to apply for, revise or terminate the membership carefully before completing the application form.

Applying for membership

The application form for the membership of the Koninklijke HC & VV is available on this website and can be filled in on line. You can sign up for football (HVV) and/or cricket (HCC). Once the signed application form and a signed mandate for direct debit have been received, your application will be taken up and you will be invited for an interview with the Membership Committee. Junior applicants must be accompanied by their father and/or mother, or if applicable, by their guardian. Please bring a recent passport photo.

It is not permitted to participate in training or match activities until you have received confirmation you are accepted as a member. Taking part in one or two trial training sessions is only allowed with the permission of the relevant branch management committee.


Minimum age

Football players may become a member as of 4 years of age. Cricket members are welcome as of 6 years. Unfortunately there is a waiting list for some junior categories in HVV.


Becoming a baby member

A baby member must be registered before his or her first birthday and must have a direct family relation with an over eighteen member. The baby membership cannot be continued after the member’s sixth birthday. On the online application form he or she is to be registered as a ‘Niet spelend lid’ (Club Algemeen).


Becoming a contributor

Parents of junior players and others are invited to become contributors to the Koninklijke HC & VV. For a modest fee you will be welcomed as a true supporter of your child and of the club. Please fill in an application form ticking ‘Club algemeen’ in the Activity section, then choosing the ‘donateur’ option and send the completed form to the Membership Administration. You don’t have to send a passport photo and you may skip the Ondersteuning aanvraag section.



New members as well as parents of junior members are expected to participate actively in the organization of our club. E.g. by driving the youngsters to away matches. Furthermore the club is looking for volunteers to strengthen the organization. The options are numerous, from coaching a team to organizing events, from keeping the score to writing an article for the club magazine.

The Koninklijke HC & VV keeps high standards regarding decent and sporting behaviour, both on and off the pitch, for players as well as coaches and spectators.


Revising or terminating your membership

If you wish to revise your membership, for instance in order to become a member of the other branch as well, or if you wish to resign, please send a letter to the Membership Administration (Van Hogenhoucklaan 37, 2596 TA Den Haag) or send an e-mail to Cricket members wishing to terminate their membership should do so before January 1, football members before May 15. Termination after these dates implies the full membership fee will be due. The Membership Administration will send a confirmation of the termination. You are advised to keep a copy.


Membership fee

Click here for an overview of the membership fees.



A great variety of questions are frequently put to the Membership Administration. In order to reduce the work load for our volunteers you are asked to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to see whether you can find the answer to your question there. If that is not the case you may turn to The Membership Administration ( by e-mail only.


To the online application form (Dutch) >>>


The online application form is in Dutch. You may find the wordlist underneath helpful when completing the form.


Persoonlijke gegevens
Personal details
Achternaam Surname
Tussenvoegsel Surname prefix
Given name(s)
Voorletters Initials
Geboortedatum Date of birth
Vrouw / Man Female / Male
Straat Address (street)
Nummer House number
Postcode Postal code
Plaats City
Land Country
Telefoon Telephone (home)
Mobiel Mobile phone
Geheim telefoonnummer Secret phone number (y/n)
E-mail E-mail
E-mail factuurontvanger Invoice e-mail address
IBAN nr International Bank Account Number
T.n.v. In name of [not required]
Plaats City [not required]
Activiteit Activity
Buitenlid Non-playing member living outside of The Hague
Donateur Contributor
Niet-spelend lid Non-playing member
Spelend lid Playing member


Ondersteuning aanvraag

De aanvrager heeft ondergetekenden, seniorleden van de Kon. H.C. en V.V., bereid gevonden deze aanvraag te ondersteunen.

The following signatories, senior members of the Koninklijke HC & VV, are willing to second this application.


Naam 1 Name 1
Lid van de afdeling Member of branch
Sinds Since
Kent de aanvrager sinds Has known the applicant since
Naam 2 Name 2
Lid van de afdeling Member of branch
Sinds Since
Kent de aanvrager sinds Has known the applicant since


Indien u hieraan niet kunt voldoen, wat is daarvan de reden?

If you haven’t filled in any names here, please indicate why:


Kunnen we op uw hulp rekenen?

May we count on your help? 

Leden en ouders maken het gezamenlijk mogelijk dat met plezier gesport kan worden. Lid zijn van onze prachtige vereniging betekent ook meehelpen.Daarom doen we een dringend beroep op u om een bijdrage te leveren.

Members and parents together make playing with pleasure possible. Being a member of our club therefore also means lending a helping hand. That is why we strongly appeal to you to contribute.


Ik ben bereid om (tenminste één invullen):

I am willing to (select at least on):


een jeugdteam te leiden

coach a youth team


een jeugdteam te trainen

train a youth team


coördinator van een leeftijdscategorie te zijn

co-ordinating an age group


een wedstrijd te leiden

act as referee


te helpen bij de administratie en verzending van uitslagen

assist in the collection and administration of results


verslagen voor de website te verzamelen

collect match reports for the website


op zaterdag scheidsrechters en tegenstanders te ontvangen

welcome referees and opponents on Saturdays


te helpen bij toernooien

help organising tournaments


evenementen te organiseren

help out in the event committee


te sponsoren



iets te doen in de buffetcommissie

take part in bar committee activities


redacteur te zijn voor website of clubblad

be a magazine or website editor


als fotograaf te fungeren

act as fotographer




Lidmaatschap Overzicht